Esterilizador de palillos

Esterilizador de palillos

  • Modelo LZ-ZK
  • Precio:US $ 44.90-44.99 / pieza
  • Cantidad mínima de pedido:100 pieza
  • Aceptar el pedido mínimo:Yes
  • Disponibilidad:50000 pieza / El
  • Plazo de entrega:15 De
Información básica
Descripción del producto

1. Wireless Design: DC power design helps to avoid the danger caused by mess lines.With wireless design, you can install it at any place and enjoy a clean and orderly Kitchen.

2. Dual high-effective sterilization: dually sterilizing with UVC LED light and photocatalyst which make the sterilizing rate up to 99.99%. 

3. Smart infrared digital induction: with more accurate and sensitive digital induction, sterilizing system can be activated by every human induction, and the UV light will start to sterilize after user leave, it can effectively avoid the the hurts to user caused by UV light. 

4. Solar Energy Charging: By Using the Amorphous Silicon Thin-film Solar panel and large capacity 2000mA lithium-ion battery, it can be effectively charged by any light (including indoor light and nature light)  and work for more than three months after full charging; 

5. Dismounting & washable design: dismounting up and down, easy to use and clean;

6. Two installation modes: stick on the wall or stand on the table;